June 30th

Schedule for the Day

We are so excited to spend the day with you! Below you will find an outline of our day. We plan to share many inspirational videos and Mission Moments with you throughout the day from many different views. Tune in and watch often!  We will also host many Challenges throughout the day (bolded below).

You can find more information about these prize options HERE.

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  • Dr. Martin Stallone, Cayuga Health System President & CEO
  • Rebecca Gould, Schuyler Hospital President & CFO
  • First Donor Challenge with Howell, Liberatore & Associates
  • 1:00am

    Building excitement for the day!


  • Dr. Martin Stallone, Cayuga Health System President & CEO
  • Rebecca Gould, Schuyler Hospital President & CFO
  • Yoga in the Morning with Tanya Kingsley and Island Health & Fitness

  • 7:00am

    Dr. Douglas MacQueen, Infectious Disease

    8:00am LIVE!

  • Live with Dr. Amit Singh, Medical Director of Cardiology
  • Patsy Marinelli, Cardiac Patient
  • Healthcare Hero Matching Hour with The Triad Foundation
  • 9:00am

    Dr. Lloyd Darlow, Vice President Clinical Integration


  • Tom Livigne, Cayuga Health System Board Chair
  • 10 at 10 Power Hour with The Hilliard Corporation
  • 11:00am

    Clara Smith, RN Employee Health Nurse


  • Kate Rosa, BA.RN, OCN Cayuga Medical Associates Nurse Director of Outpatient Services
  • Jim Storch, RT Manager of Respiratory Therapy
  • Dr. Louanne Giangreco, Chief Medical Officer
  • NYC Medical Mission Reflections Montage
  • Healthcare Hero Matching Hour with Jason Sokoloff

  • 1:00pm

  • Dr. Deidra Blake, Medical Director of Orthopedics
  • Moody Sanford, CMC Volunteer
  • Facial Massage with Dex White and Rasa Spa
  • 2:00pm

  • Brenda Warren-Fitch, Schuyler Health Foundation Board Chair Schuyler Health Foundation Montage
  • 20 at 2 Power Hour with Finger Lakes Health Care Federal Credit Union
  • 3:00pm

  • Frank Towner, CEO of YMCA of Ithaca & Tompkins Counties
  • Andrew Franzese, Glen Motor Inn
  • Tim O'Hearn, Schuyler County Administrator
  • Joshua Navone, Attorney and Schuyler Health Foundation Board Member
  • Jennifer Tavares, President & CEO of Tompkins Chamber
  • Coffee Break Contest with Ithaca Coffee Company/Conway Construction

  • 4:00pm LIVE!

  • Live with Dr. Elizabeth Plocharczyk, Pathology
  • Greg Galvin, Rheonix COVID-19 Testing
  • Sampling Center Montage
  • Joan Murphy, RN recovered 71 year old COVID-19 patient
  • Healthcare Hero Matching Hour with The TRIAD Foundation/Tetlow & Roy Park Jr.
  • 5:00pm

  • Seneca View Skilled Nursing Facility Happy Hour Montage
  • Happy Hour Power Hour with The Community Foundation of Tompkins County
  • 6:00pm

  • Dr. Benjamin Saks, Internal Medicine
  • Schuyler Hospital Medical/Surgical Unit Tour
  • Healthcare Hero Matching Hour with Jason Sokoloff

  • 7:00pm

    Dr. David Evelyn, Vice President Medical Affairs

    8:00pm LIVE!

  • Cayuga Medical Center Foundation with Jennifer Whittaker, CMC Foundation Chair
  • Live with Steve Savage, Executive Director CMC Foundation
  • 9:00pm

    Meditation with Cynthia King and Rasa Spa


    Margaret Melens, recovered 93 year old COVID-19 patient


  • Greatest Hits of the Day Replay Watch all of your favorite videos again!
  • Dr. Martin Stallone, Cayuga Health System President & CEO
  • Grand Finale Legacy Unlock with The Legacy Foundation
  • 12:00am

    WE DID IT!!!!!Thank you so much for helping to make Cayuga Health Giving Day a Success!